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        20 Feb
        events Sporting 20 Feb 2021

        Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon & Trail Runs

        New Zealand's Most Spectacular Mountain Marathon

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        06 Mar
        events Sporting 06 Mar 2021


        It’s a bucket-list off-road event with challenging yet achievable courses, which attracts close to...

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        13 Mar
        events Music 13 Mar 2021


        In great news for their long-time loyal fans, iconic band CROWDED HOUSE have announced they will...

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        21 Mar
        events Music 21 Mar 2021


        Two of New Zealand’s biggest acts, Drax Project and BROODS, will take centre stage at Coronet Peak...

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        04 Jun
        events Art and Culture 04 Jun 2021

        LUMA 2021

        Immerse yourself in illuminated art in and around the Queenstown Gardens this Queen's Birthday...

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        Welcome to Queenstown, the Home of Adventure.

        Welcome to the official Queenstown New Zealand website. Here you’ll find everything you need to plan your next trip to Queenstown, from accommodation options and where to eat, to the endless array of things to do and a full calendar of events all year round.

        Let Queenstown awaken your senses and inspire you to go further than you've gone before. Whether you're into chasing steep slopes, exploring our trails, indulging in food and wine, discovering stunning fairways or seeking adrenaline thrills - there are a thousand adventures to be found here of all tastes, tempos and temperatures. Discover things to do, where to eat and places to stay, and plan your Queenstown adventure today.

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